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Bryce’s best friend, Garrett, takes an interest in Sherry and tells her the truth about Bryce asking her out; she doesn’t take it well. From Juli’s perspective, Bryce returned her feelings, but was shy. After finding out Bryce and Sherry broke up, she thought she could have Bryce back. In , Bryce’s grandfather Chet Duncan moves in with the family. Chet has different views about Juli. One day, it’s cut down by a group of landscapers so a house could be built there, despite Juli’s opposition. She becomes very depressed afterwards, as the tree let her see the world in a much more enlightened way. Her father gives her a painting of the tree. Chet gets to know Juli while helping her work on her lawn. Bryce begins to develop feelings for Juli, who begins to have mixed feelings about him.

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Director Rob Reiner treats viewers to a sweet but honest glimpse into the lives of a young girl and boy during the early s as they maneuver through first crushes and heartbreak. Reiner once again shows he understands how to put together a compelling, yet simple, human story. Told by “flipping” between Juli and Bryce’s voices, a tale of early childhood love emerges.

Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, Rebecca De Mornay, Anthony Edwards Genre Bryce tries to get rid of Juli by dating Shelley Stalls, whom Jul Synopsis. Sinopsis (Indonesia) Film flipped mengisahkan tentang pertemuan pertama yang kemudian berubah menjadi kisah cinta yang panjang dialami oleh dua orang. Mereka berdua adalah bryce loski.

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Bittersweet touch makes Reiner’s ‘Flipped’ stand out

When second-graders Bryce and Juli first meet, Juli knows it’s love. Bryce isn’t so sure. Beginning that day, and for the next six years, young Bryce Callan McAuliffe does everything he can to keep his outspoken wannabe girlfriend at arm’s length Smart, dreamy, independent and willing to stand up for what she believes in, Juli Madeline Carroll is different from anyone else he knows and, frankly, it’s a little overwhelming.

What’s a guy supposed to do when a girl tells him his hair smells like watermelon or wants him to sit in a tree for the spectacular view? There’s just no telling what Juli will do next, and Bryce is one guy who’d rather be safe than sorry.

Madeline Carroll stars as Juli Baker, an artsy girl with an unusual way of looking at the world. Opposite her is Callan McAuliffe as Bryce Loski, the boy she has swooned over for years, ever since he first moved to the neighborhood.

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It also may be ‘s best romantic comedy. And it is being buried by Warner Brothers because of a concern there’s no audience for it. It’s impossible to judge whether the film’s distributors are correct – tepid box office results often occur when a movie’s release date is staggered and juggled and when the marketing campaign is almost non-existent.

The sad thing is, Reiner has struggled for nearly two decades to get back to the level he was at in the late-’80s and early ’90s and, now that he’s achieved it, no one seems to care.

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By Anne Pick click to enlarge Do you remember when you flipped? The time in your life when you stopped thinking boys had cooties and all you could think about was when that cute boy in your math class would finally make a move and kiss you? Rob Reiner’s Flipped takes on the coming-of-age tale of first love, where two middle schoolers learn what it means to be head-over-heels. Flipped follows tweens Bryce Loski Callan McAuliffe and Juli Baker Madeline Carroll from elementary school to middle school where they discover who they are and what they mean to each other.

Bryce moved in across the street from Juli in the second grade and the day they met she flipped. She tried to help Bryce’s family move in some boxes, and accidentally ends up holding hands with Bryce after chasing him through the yard. Needless to say, Bryce is seven at the time and has no interest in Juli whatsoever, and hides behind his mom.

Based on the novel by Wendelin Van Draanen, the story is told from the perspective of both Bryce and Juli. The film uses their dual-narration to give both sides of the same stories. The formula has the story alternating between the two narrators, repeating scenes from both Bryce and Juli’s point-of-view. It’s not often we get to experience a story in this sort of style. The idea is interesting because we get to see exactly what both characters are thinking.

In this case, however, the dual narration felt forced, and the transitions were poor.

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It began a limited release in the United States on August 6, , followed by a wider release on September Bryce’s best friend, Garrett, takes an interest in Sherry and tells her the truth about Bryce asking her out; she doesn’t take it well. From Juli’s perspective, Bryce returned her feelings, but was shy. After finding out Bryce and Sherry broke up, she thought she could have Bryce back. In , Bryce’s grandfather Chet Duncan moves in with the family. Chet has different views about Juli.

The cast is pleasant, especially the young leads. McAuliffe in particular is surprising, at age fifteen already in command of a flawless American accent (he’s Australian).

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Carroll had her first film lead role opposite Callan McAuliffe, in the feature film Flipped. The section “Biography” of this page contains content from the copyrighted Wikipedia article ” Madeline Carroll “; that content is used under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Trailer Watch flipped online free. Juli Baker devoutly believes in three things: Ever since she saw Bryce’s dazzling brown eyes back in second grade, Juli has been smitten. Unfortunately, Bryce has never felt the same. Frankly, he thinks Juli Baker is a little weird–after all, what kind of freak raises chickens and sits in trees for fun? Then, in eighth grade, everything changes.

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