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Those pedals include the Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, Space, and a couple of H9 unique sounds. I figured the H9 should cover almost anything except dirt as I rarely use more than one effect at a time. Out of the box, the H9 sounded wild as I expected. Flipping through the presets, I found them mostly over the top. I installed the iPad app to control the H9 and linked up via Bluetooth. It immediately and seamlessly downloaded and installed the latest H9 firmware. Using the iPad, I dragged tape delay, tremolo, and vibe patches into the first preset slots and got to work. Luckily, the app makes tweaking a breeze and within minutes I had tones that were more like my El Cap and Flint.

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II XL+

If it has been installed, updating overwrite-installing may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones. Even though other OSes might be compatible as well, we do not recommend applying this release on platforms other than the ones specified. If you install this package, your device will be properly recognized by compatible systems, and might even benefit from new features or various bug fixes. Please note that, even though other operating systems might also be compatible, we do not recommend you apply any software on platforms other than the specified ones.

Doing so might cause the installation to crash, which could even render the device unusable. When it comes to installing the package, the steps should not be much of a hassle because each manufacturer tries to make them as easy as possible; usually, you must make check for compatibility, get the package, run the available setup, and follow the instructions displayed on-screen.

This package contains the files needed for installing the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Preamplifier Fractal-Bot Utility which enables you to easily send and receive data to and from your device.

Reduced Energy brightness when equipped with a Channeling Mod. Fixed damage scaling for Executioner Nok’s Deth Carabus. Fixed UI elements in the Operator Customization screen looking squished. You can now sell the Dark Split-Sword from your Inventory. Fixed crashing when attempting to abort a mission. You choose how you wish to wield this weapon based on the Stance Mod equipped.

Visit your ‘Customize Operator’ menu to view a variety of new Customizations – over 30 total! We’ve split these customizations into two groups: Volt Changes Volt can now place up to 6 Electric Shields was 4. Volt will be able to see the Speed pickup he creates. Volt can now recast Speed like Mirage’s Eclipse. Each recast will replace the prior speed pickup to the new casting location. Kela De Thaym can now be hit with Damage procs.

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Thibault de Robillard, hobbyist guitarist from Mauritius. This blog is about the Fractal Audio Axe Fx II and Atomic AmpliFire guitar processors, and about my musical experiences Donations I used to share my presets for free, but now I’m doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2.

Mar 06,  · I am selling this ice axe because I am going to something shorter. This axe has taken me up a handful of peaks in the last 5 years. It is in very good conditon.

How to get killer tones on your bedroom setup Posted on August 31st Comments Most of us spend a great deal of time playing guitar in either a bedroom or a small home recording studio. Limited space, grumpy neighbours and a patient family makes it hard to really crank that amp. Still, we all want a big and fat tone that has all the qualities of playing on a loud stack. My home recording studio is a typically bedroom-sized room equipped with a few low wattage amps.

I have a couple of smaller tube amps that serve the purpose of both practice and recording although most of my live guitars are recorded in our rehearsal studio. So what is a big tone? What do we want to achieve on a smaller amp? Well, personally I want the same full bodied character I get when I drive my Reeves Custom 50w really hard see a detailed run-down of my rigs here.

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Simply connect the Axe’s balanced outputs in to the Firehawk’s balanced inputs. BUT you won’t have all of the speakers engaged in this setup no matter what you do. Each of the speaker’s has different capabilities in terms of how much output they can take before they basically blow up on you. As you can imagine, wet signals don’t require near as much oomph as dry signals. If the Firehawk let you do what you want to do let your dry signal blow out all six speakers equally you’d basically destroy the smaller speakers.

Free Download Interstellar Preset Tutorial Fractal Axe Fx And AX8 MP3, Size: MB, Duration: 12 minutes and 38 seconds, Bitrate: Kbps.

I did not want this expensive and slightly fragile piece of gear lying around without a case, and when I travel with it I needed a way not to have it get beat-up on the road. You do not need to take it out of the case when you use it, just take the front and back off, and you can use every port with ease, nothing is blocked or obstructed. How it perfectly fits the front control knobs, and how the back is a flush mount when you take the back cover off.

All your hook-ups work perfectly, no need to adjust the case, everything is perfectly accessible. It is also nice that there is enough room to let the AXE-FX vent properly while using it within this case. I head the AXE-FX-2 is the same size, so I am sure this will fit those as well, and the standard is the same size as the Ultra, so that will work as well.

If you want to protect your investment, this is the case to get. Both the front and the back lock in place when you cover it up for the road, and the case is sturdy enough to survive any reasonable drop you might have, so this makes you prized sound device travel securely. I looked at several cases and measured carefully. This case seemed to line up the best, and their measurements are exactly spot on.

IF you want to protect your Fractal FX, get this case.

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Thibault de Robillard, hobbyist guitarist from Mauritius. This blog is about the Fractal Audio Axe Fx II and Atomic AmpliFire guitar processors, and about my musical experiences Donations I used to share my presets for free, but now I’m doing it commercially, so I removed all the download links for older firmwares. Check my quantum 2. However, if you want the presets for an older firmware you’re still using, send me a message on d3usxm4ch1n4 gmail.

I got a little more than requests since I uploaded that video:

Actually Phil, the Axe III is an expansion of the Axe II FX XL+, which was an expansion of the Axe FX Ultra. The AX-8 was a nice but “cheaper version” of the set, kinda like the LT is for Helix. Grats Glide- .

It shows on the picture by the two AC outputs 7 and 8. I cannot find a download for the manual so I cannot confirm that both of these AC outputs are milliamps but this is what it looks like from the data on their website. Will this damage the unit? The amp comes with FX loop but currently my new setup is running everything upfront. I only want to gate my drive pedals and vibe. The pedals in use are as below: You want to set up a loop with the G String as follows: The output will drive your Strymon and Dyna Verb without any truncation of the delay or reverb and the output of these effects will feed the input of your amplifier.

And to switch between just distortion to just preamp, do I have to hit two buttons or does turning off distortion automatically engage preamp? The Distortion channel and a Preamp channel. Both have a full EQ section so you can use the THETA as both your clean channel by using the Preamp section for your clean tone and then use the Distortion channel for your high gain distortion tone.

The distortion channel has plenty of gain, which allows you to use the Preamp for your clean tone and the Preamp for your clean channel. You can listen to any of the Ethan Brosh videos on line just do a search for Ethan Brosh , he is using the THETA with just the distort channel for his high gain and says he does not need any more gain by using the preamp as an overdrive.

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About Amps Finding the right amp for your bedroom and smaller clubs, can be a challenge. During the last decade, the market has been flooded by affordable tube amps in all price ranges and while most of them will cover your basic needs, there are some distinct differences that will have an impact on your tone. The large tube stack phenomenon started in the late 60s, when bands moved to bigger stages and needed more volume and wattage.

Prior to this, a small combo would do the job nicely. The whole thing escalated in the 80s with the ridiculous, although cool looking, walls of Marshalls.

Jun 01,  · People love to bitch and moan about technology this and learning curve that, but let me tell you: I have both a Kemper and Axe FX2 and it’s pretty much plug and play, a very simple set up using BOTH in stereo with 4 FRFR speakers (2 for the Kemper, 2 for the AxeFX2).

The DMC-6D was the very first Gen2 controller from Disaster Area, and it really pushed the boundaries by adding additional presets, control modes, device support, and connectivity. We first offered the DMC-6D way back in , and now the time has come for us to give it the Gen3 treatment. Preset Naming Capability — Each user bank and preset may be named. This allows you to name a bank with a song title, and each preset with a section name verse, chorus, solo, etc.

The display has also been upgraded, and now features full alphanumeric capability. Both display and LEDs may be dimmed in the setup menu to suit indoor or outdoor venues. The state of these messages may be saved in your presets or remain as global controls. Powering a USB device may require as much as mA, so be sure your power supply can handle the load.

Separate Expression and Roller Configuration — hundreds of players all over the world are in love with the expression rollers on their DMC-6 Gen2 controllers. MultiJack C blue also supports selectable tap tempo subdivisions. How about sending MIDI clock into your chain from a drum machine? Easy Firmware Update — no more driver installation, app downloads, or weird Windows errors!


Hit play above to watch the video of this interview. Yeah, everything before was very much approached from an instrumental standpoint. Maybe even a little bit unfairly so given that we have a singer, but you live and you learn. We were basically arranging songs to be instrumental and then kind of handing them off to Spencer [Sotelo, vocalist] to figure it out, which sucks because no other person in the band has to work with that.

That was especially needed given that we were going to be working with a concept this time.

Nov 20,  · Hey guys, I just got my Mesa Boogie Mark V head a few months ago and I’m LOVING it, and I am planning on buying an Axe FX II soon as well. But one thing I’ve been thinking about, is how to use them simultaneously to switch channels so i don’t have to have the Mark V .

By Tweak It might seem strange for some of you to think I might know anything about guitars, with my small claim to notoriety being sampling and programming, but the truth is, I was originally a guitar player who played in real bands. I’ve been recording acoustic and electric guitars so long I’d rather not tell. I’ve also gone pretty deep into midi guitar and have programmed guitar patches on synths for MIDI guitars. The good thing for you is that you get the advantage of some hard won tips on recording guitars and making your playing sound the best it can be.

Lets start with a basic guide to ways to record your guitar on your computer. First you need a way to get audio into your computer. The ideal way is to get an audio interface that has a Microphone preamp for recording acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, etc. These don’t have to be expensive, and many are custom designed for the guitarist.


Phantom Phantom has to be one of the most under-appreciated games from the bit era. In fact, I was not even aware of its existence until a few years ago. If you enjoy action games with exploration elements such as Metroid and Castlevania, you need to take a serious look at Phantom The focus on shooting, jumping, and ducking throughout the game also reminds me a bit of Vectorman.

Apr 19,  · You can do all your editing from the front of the Axe-FX. Or you can hook it up (via a midi interface) to your computer and use the quickly developing computer editor to work even faster editing your presets. Scott Peterson, Apr 18, Scott Peterson, .

April 25, , It’s a wonderful piece of technology. I recently bought a Kemper Profiler Rack. There are variants to the Kemper models. Two models come complete with a Flat Response Power amp section. I’d at least suggest you check them out, see if that holds any appeal to you. The Profiles are good. There – I said it. I have only recently bought the Kemper and am still trying to find enough blocks of time to spend going through it’s settings and tweaking abilities.

I have not previously owned a MIDI controllable guitar amp simulator so besides the Amplitube 3 experience, so I am relatively new to this and it takes time to grasp the technology’s capabilities. It’s impressing me though. Once you get used to how the Kemper works with assignment of effects or how the Browser works, it is intuitive.

Live and Recording Setup – AxeFX patches

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